Monday, July 02, 2007

Very Confused?

Ok, help! I am trying to get my ducks in row so I can go to school. My goal is to start in the spring of 08. I know I can get into Kilgore College, I have been accepted before- however. I haven't the slightest where I need to start. I know I have to take the THEA, and the ACT or SAT.

The test date for the THEA that I'm shooting for is October, ACT in December.
But where do I start for financial aid? What classes do I take first? I know what degree I want.
Its just all so confusing for me. Whens the deadline to apply for financial aid for the spring?
ARGH! I guess I'll start by studying for the tests and then go from there. Any other advice is more than welcome.


lisa dawn said...

First step is to take a deep breath, look in the mirror and say, "Mandy, Girlfriend, you are taking control of you future and you rock for that!"
After that you need to contact an advisor at the college. Go meet with someone face to face and get each step and deadline from them. There are advisors in the registrar’s office that spend their entire work day helping people figure this stuff out! Take a little calendar with you to help with all the dates you may get.
Just take it step by step. It can seem very overwhelming. Some moments you may feel like you are accomplishing great things. Other moments, you will feel like it can never be done. It CAN be done!
Charles and I have both done what you are doing. I was out of school for 6 years before starting back to college. When Charles went back to college we had to cut our income literally in half and move away from family to do it. These are all great hurdles - they are surmountable. You can do this! And you will be amazed at how worth it this endeavor will be!
Get your study guides and start spending a little time with them each night. Let me know when you make an appointment with your advisor. Just let him/her know that this is all unknown territory for you, and they will guide you step by step.
Also - Kilgore Collge is great. My favorite uncle is on the board there, and both my cousins went to school there.
You are making a great choice! You are changing your life, your kids lives, your grandkids lives, your great-grandkids lives..................................