Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I didn't blog yesterday at all! WOW, that must be a record or something. I even had something to blog about- I just didn't. So anywho- here it is. :)

Caroline stayed the night on Monday- and we bought two bags of Rhodes cinamon rolls for breakfast on Tuesday. We all ate, but Connor woke up late, so he was eating last, There was a wood chip in one of his rolls!! Quite sharp too- thankfully he wasn't hurt, but I did write the company and let them know I was unhappy. Of course it was a token, "sorry, we'll send you some coupons" Pretty much what I was expecting, but it still irritated me.

Um, cleaning cleaning, same old same old. I got my book in the mail yesterday from paperback swap- Bringing up Boys. I already started reading it and I think it will be a great read. Aaron has agreed to read it too.

I'm looking forward to Saturday. We're going to the VOW Marriage Conference. I hope its worth our money. :)


Melzie said...

cleaning here too I am trying to make myself deals to make myself clean my room...silly huh? ;) But you know how it is LOL xoxo melzie