Friday, July 27, 2007

Mama there's a turtle!

So yesterday evening about 5:45 or so Sadie comes running out of her room screaming "mama mama there's a turtle walking down the road!!" Now me being the horrible mother I am I didn't believe her, but then she was just so excited. lol I'm thinking how in the world can she see a turtle walking down the road from her bedroom window. I'll tell ya how- because it was HUGE!


Sure enough a ver large turtle is just walking down the middle of the road. Now me being the photographer that I am , I grabbed my camera. Its lightning and thundering, and I'm in my pajamas, but who cares. I want to get pictures of that turtle. So imagine me in my braless glory chasing a tutle down the street.
Pics arent the greatest but as cars start coming down the road, I become acutely aware that I am outside in mismatched pj's with no bra on- and it started to rain. lol