Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm Alive :)

We have had such a busy weekend. I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. :)

Yesterday we ran to Kilgore to pick up some stuff from a lady on Freecycle. We tried to stop by my grandparents, but no one home. :) We came back to Longview, ran a couple errands, dropped Matthew off at my parents, grabbed a bite to eat, and took the other kids to see Shrek 3. After that we picked up Matthew, came home ate supper, and I went to see Knocked Up all by my lonesome. :) It was SO funny. NOT a kid movie, or a clean movie by any stretch of the imagination, but so funny.

I got home around 10, I was SO tired, but I sorted through some of the clothes we have been given for the kids. Went to bed, got up and around for church. We went to Shelley and Rick's church today to see Alexa and Sydney get baptised. :*) It was really nice. After church it was home, eat lunch, I made some homemade candy- and then off to a photo shoot. I'm editing those pictures now, and getting them ready for posting. Aaron and Connor are at the movies now (Fantastic 4 part 2) All these movies are at the $1 theatre by the way. lol. I really wish we could find time to take the kids to Meet The Robinsons which is also there.

Monday and Tuesday are devoted to packing and cleaning. Wednesday last minute stuff, I also have a WIC appt in the afternoon- Thursday I will be loading up the van, clothes shopping, get the van tuned up, taking the kids to get adjusted, and all that fun stuff.

We actually have to stop off the interstate in Tyler and pick up a playpen and exersaucer that we are buying off cheapcycle. Then on to Grand Prarie. :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ok, so that didn't work so well

You can't click the images to make them any bigger. I'm trying out a new software that was free. I'm not sure I'm going to like it, its a bit time consuming. And I'm not sure how to get the layouts to appear anybigger than that.

I love the papers and stuff too. It all came from

Oh well, off to fiddle some more.

Scrap Layouts of Sadie's Party

Ok, you should be able to click each page and make it bigger. :)

Mama there's a turtle!

So yesterday evening about 5:45 or so Sadie comes running out of her room screaming "mama mama there's a turtle walking down the road!!" Now me being the horrible mother I am I didn't believe her, but then she was just so excited. lol I'm thinking how in the world can she see a turtle walking down the road from her bedroom window. I'll tell ya how- because it was HUGE!


Sure enough a ver large turtle is just walking down the middle of the road. Now me being the photographer that I am , I grabbed my camera. Its lightning and thundering, and I'm in my pajamas, but who cares. I want to get pictures of that turtle. So imagine me in my braless glory chasing a tutle down the street.
Pics arent the greatest but as cars start coming down the road, I become acutely aware that I am outside in mismatched pj's with no bra on- and it started to rain. lol

Jumping in with both feet

I'm gonna do it. I may regret it, but I'm going to do it anyway. I'm going to start scrapbooking!
I love them, I've always made excuses though. My most popular excuse was not having film developed. Well, now I have a digi cam, no excuses. I'm going to start organizing my pictures today, I think I'm going to start out easy- start with Matthew's book. Aaron plays a game online with friends three nights a week and this will give me something to fill my evenings with. :)

Any tips, fun websites or anything out there? I know you have them Jaime! :P Please share!
Mainly tips on scrapbooking on a budget. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

7 Days!!!

We have SEVEN DAYS! Before we leave for Rotan. WOOOHHOO! We're all so excited. This is the first "real" vacation we've ever taken as a family. I have so much to do this next week its not even funny. In fact, its quite daunting. I want to get the house perfectly clean before we go, partly because I hate coming home to a messy house, and partly because we'll have friends coming in to feed Jack. Don't want them coming in to a messy house. :)

My goal is to get the school room completely organized before leaving, so that the week or so after we are back can be relaxed and enjoyed before starting school.

Of course I have to pack. I am actually going to start doing that today. I need to at least wash and pack the clothes we'll be wearing for familiy pictures, and my individual.

This is a busy week on top of everything else I need to do- I have a photo shoot Saturday weather permiting (5 people) and then Sunday I have a HUGE shoot- 6 adults 7 children. I'm very nervous about that.
The Wednesday before we leave I have a WIC appt. The Thursday that we leave I have to go get the van checked out, filled up, packed up, cleaned up then we pick Aaron up, and drive up to Grand Prarie. :) Spend the night there, then head on over to Rotan.

Ok, typing it all out is a little overwhelming, but at least I can see what all I need to do. I'm hoping for some productive energy. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Memory Lane....

Happy 7th Birthday to my beautiful Sadie-Cat. :*)
We're having a girls night out tonight- I'll bring my camera and post pics late tonight or tomorrow.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tru Dog

One of Sadie's gifts was her own CD player- the first cd she grabbed was my Toby Mac Portable Sound cd and turned it to track 8 lol Here's the video:

The Big Reveal Video

The Big Reveal

So the Rotan trip has been a big secret around these parts. :) Kaitlin sent a video revealing the surprise to Sadie- here's a still pic of the first time she watched it. She doesnt' do big But after everyone left she asked to watch it again. (she ended up watching it four times) and is now bubbling over "can I take this?" "can I wear this on the trip?" "How many sleeps?" "Can we pack this" "how long is it going to take" LOL It will be a long 11 days. :)

Birthday Girl :)

Her actual birthday is Tuesday. I can't believe she's almost 7!!! I'm about to go upload some videos. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Have to Share

I took these pics of Sadie and Matthew this evening. :) My bookends as I call them. LOL (ya know oldest/youngest, just happen to be the only brunettes heehee)

Just a Reminder...

For those of you who read my photo blog- I've changed the url
it is now
Be sure to update your bloglines and head on over to check out new family portraits later today!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Matthew & Maegan

These two little ones are 5 weeks apart. Matthew looks like a linebacker compared to miss petite Maegan. :)

Just look at that smile!

I'm going to eat you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Funny Guy...

THUMP.......maaaaaaaaaaaammmmmaaaaaaaaa :::::Quiet::::: THUMP!! aarrrraaaaooyyyyyaaaaaalll :::Quiet:::: THUMP!!!

These were the sounds of my bedroom at 4:30 this morning. Matthew would kick the mattress, and then hollar at himself for doing it- I was able to find this funny because he wasn't awake! LOL He was sound asleep, he would pick up his leg, drop it loudly onto his mattress, and then yell.

We gave him his pacifier, covered him back up with his blankie, and he was quiet for the next two hours. He's been sleeping through the night (from 9-7) for about two weeks. Its been great- and both A and I are praying it continues. LOL Our other kids STILL don't sleep through the night every night.

5 Things About Me. :)

Ok, Melzie Tagged me- so here goes.

Five things to do before I die:

* Visit all 50 states
* Get a college degree
*Take an extended vacation, just me and hubby
* Visit Ireland
* Successfuly run my own business

Five things I can do:

*Take great pictures
*Make some crafty things
* Make good food
*Read a book in a days time all while getting other stuff done too
* Type 80-90 wpm (last time I tested)

Five things I cannot do...yet

* Keep a clean house 100% of the time
* Bake very well- I make some good desserts, but most are just mediocre
* Time management
*Sew well
* make candles

Five things that make a man attractive to me:

* Shoulders
* Sense of Humor
* Housework
* Smile

Five Celebrity Crushes:

*John Cena
*Matthew McConaughey
* Orlando Bloom (especially in pirates 3 yum)
* John Cena
and um...lets see
*John Cena. rofl.

Five people I'd like to do this if they want:

*Lisa Dawn
*ummm, can't think of anyone else.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Still Alive...

Wow four whole days without blogging. I'm impressed!

Saturday we went to the VOW marriage conference. The speakers were Bill and Pam Ferrell. They were SO good. They spoke from their book Men are like waffles Women are like spaghetti.
The basic point was that men compartmentalize their life. Each section of their life is in a little box, like a waffle. They can only be in one box at a time. When they are at work, they are at work. When they are working in the yard they are working in the yard. Etc. Women on the other hand are like a plate of spaghetti. Every noodle touches another one. Every aspect of our lives touches and is intertwined with each other. We tend to be multi-taskers. We can be making supper, talking on the phone with our friend, making a grocery list, letting the dog out, using sign language to tell the kids to get-out-of-here-and-be-quiet, all while opening and closing the fridge with our feet. When a large stressor hits our life its like a giant meatball landing in a plate of pasta. Noodles everywhere. Men just go to an easy box and park it. There was so much more info- but if you can I'd definately recommend getting the book. SO worth it.

Sunday was busy day, we had church etc. And just didn't stop moving all day. Today Carline and the boys were here. We played a math bingo game I got at Target in the $ bin. It was fun- and I think we'll have fun with it during school this year.

Aaron is working at Eden apartments again, he was there until 3am on Friday- it *shouldn't be to late tonight, but it was only supposed to be an hour friday night so who knows.

Tomorrow night is a homeschool meeting at the library. I'm looking forward to that, Aaron gets to go with me which is exciting. Carly is watching the older kids, Matty is going with us.

17 days till Rotan!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Funny Guys.... :)

I found these cute basketball theme jersey outfits at wal mart tonight for $2 :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I didn't blog yesterday at all! WOW, that must be a record or something. I even had something to blog about- I just didn't. So anywho- here it is. :)

Caroline stayed the night on Monday- and we bought two bags of Rhodes cinamon rolls for breakfast on Tuesday. We all ate, but Connor woke up late, so he was eating last, There was a wood chip in one of his rolls!! Quite sharp too- thankfully he wasn't hurt, but I did write the company and let them know I was unhappy. Of course it was a token, "sorry, we'll send you some coupons" Pretty much what I was expecting, but it still irritated me.

Um, cleaning cleaning, same old same old. I got my book in the mail yesterday from paperback swap- Bringing up Boys. I already started reading it and I think it will be a great read. Aaron has agreed to read it too.

I'm looking forward to Saturday. We're going to the VOW Marriage Conference. I hope its worth our money. :)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Little bit of this and that...

Have you ever heard of Someone in the cheapcycle group told me about it and I'm in love! I got the kids two books, Sadie a Junie B, and Connor a Henry and Mudge- A school book for Sadie- 2nd grade brain teasers, I'm also waiting for Dr James Dobsons Bringing up Boys- and I'm getting rid of some of my old books. Yeah! So go check it out. :)

Sadie lost her other tooth just a few minutes ago. I'll post a picture later.

All my lack of sleep this past week has caught up with me today. I'm so tired- and Connor got into red dye this past weekend, so I have no opportunity for rest. *sigh*
*yawn* Its taken me an hour to write this post- so I'll close for now and leave the rest for a nother post.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Busy Sunday

We stayed home from church today, because Sadie hasn't been feeling well. Sore throat, cough, headache junk. She feels ok if she's got the meds in her system, but without she's miserable. Besides the fact that I stayed up until 2am finishing their room.

Anyway, we wake up around 9am, have breakfast and talk to the kids about our new reward system. We're taking several ideas and rolling them into one. The kids each get an alotted amount of poker chips each week. Infringments cost them chips- but extra work, getting "caught" being good- or extra kind to a sibling earns you extra chips. They can trade the chips in for tv time, computer time, movie rental of choice, dessert of choice, or they can trade them in for quarters on our garage sale saturdays (one chip is worth 25 cents) Most of the time chips have to be paid to us - but if they get physical with a sibling, hitting, kicking pushing etc. They have to pay the chips to the sibling they offended. Make sense?

So we took the time to explain all that to them, and to divy up the chips. The the kids played, while Aaron watched a movie he'd been wanting to watch for a while. After the movie was over, we loaded up and made a wal mart run to pick up a few things for supper and to return our little dvd player that quit on us again. We got home, and finished the girls room- Aaron changed out the light switch- put together Grace's bed while I hung their bows on their hangers, and started putting their glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. :) Room complete. Cleaned the kitchen, helped with supper, fixed up a lamp for the girls room, and here it is 11pm and I'm wore clean out.
Its been a long week and a long weekend. There's no end in sight even! But thats a good thing- its helping me stay busy and keeping my mind off of the impending trip (25 days 13 hours and 14 minutes until we arrive in Rotan according to the countdown on my myspace page) I'm so very anxious, but I also cannot wait to tell Sadie- everything in me wants to just shout it out. :) I know how thrilled she will be. Her party can't come soon enough :P

I'm off of here for the night- going to go take a long bath and soak my aching bath.

Alert the Tooth-Fairy!!!

We have a lost toother! :)

This is actually her third lost tooth- but she lost the other two about a year ago- I was starting to get worried since she wasn't losing anymore- but then all of a sudden she has four loose teeth! :) She'll probably lose another bottom one within a couple of days- then her two front top teeth are lose as well, so they'll go shortly after.

Girls room Part 2

Girls Room Part 1

New bow hangers

New curtains :) Paint on the walls. I'll take pics of the rest tomorrow after we put Grace's bed together. I'm really excited about it. It all came together great- all the colors blend together so well, and its really looking "fun" :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Massive Headache...

Ok, thats not really what this post is about- but its pretty much all I can think about right now- how badly my head hurts. I've taken two excedrin migraine, and its barely taken the edge off- so bear with me if the post is hardly legible.

In all my excitement yesterday I neglected to mention our 911 call. I was putting away laundry about two pm, and walk into the living room to see Grace shove a goldfish cracker down Matthew's throat. ACK! Because she literally shoved it down his throat, he started crying, and once he started crying, he sucked it down. I grabbed him up out of his swing- turned him over my knee and started banging on his back- nothing. He was starting to turn blue, and wasn't making any sounds- so I threw the phone at Sadie and told her to call 911. She was hysterical, but she still managed to get out what was happening to the dispatcher. After what seemed like an eternity- but in reality was probably more like a minute, I stuck my finger down his throat, and triggered his gag reflex and he threw it up, and immediately started screaming. Sadie handed me the phone and the dispatcher says "is that a baby I hear crying?" I told her yes, but she went ahead and sent the ambulence out- which was fine by me. I was glad to have him looked at. He got the all clear and Grace learned the hardway not to feed her baby brother.

Our date last night went great. We ate at Posado's and then went to the mall. We were going to play lunar golf, but it didn't work out. So we just walked around, picked Matthew up from mom and dad's went to wal mart, and picked up the other kids, and came home. It was nice to get out alone.

This morning we wake up, I take Connor and leave to run to the store to get a drop cloth, Aaron sent me to Lowes for a few things, and to wal mart for breakfast and lunch. It took me two and a half hours! By the time I got back it was lunch time. I got started with what I wanted to do so late, and it just set the tone for my day. Anyway, I have been working on painting Grace's bed, I'm almost done, and hope to finish tonight, but I'm not sure I'll be able to. I got the shelf repainted, and the letters I got for their bow hangers painted. I'm also about halfway done painting their room. I'm excited to get everything in there and complete, because I think it will look great! :) I'll be sure to post pics. :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Date Night!

Woohoo! We're going out. Long awaited- its our turn to go out on a date. I have lots of plans for us. :) I'm practically giddy. I got all dolled up!

Don't wait up for me! :)

State of Emergency

In times of crisis, a person of utmost authority can declare a state of emergency. But what if the emergency isn't recognized? What if, to draw from recent events, Gov. Perry visited the DFW region, saw the flooding, and ignored it, or made light of it. Nothing would be fixed. No extra effort would be put towards the problem. No extra funding, or attention.
I feel that today's family is in crisis stage. All the extra pressures are bearing down on the family as a whole and a lot of families don't survive. Families are "dying" everyday. If anytime was the time to declare a state of emergency for our families its now. But to whose shoulders does this responsibility fall? Biblicaly the head of the household is the father- but they aren't recognizing the problems for what they are. Sometimes dad IS the problem. So then what? How do you fix it? Someone needs to stand up and declare a state of emergency. I would say that if you recognize trouble within your family/marriage- declare it. Don't ignore it any longer. Yes it will hurt, and yes it might get worse before it gets better. But by declaring a state of emergency you are focusing extra efforts and I firmly believe those extra efforts will pay off big time in the end.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pictures Set 2

Picture Set 1

Good Thursday Morning to ya...

So how was everyone's 4th? What did you do? We went out to my aunts house as usual. :)
Lots of fun, even though it was quite wet. Bluch. I'm so tired of the rain, but the good thing is its keeping temps down. So anywho- I'll post a few pictures from last night in a few. There are a couple good artsy sparkler shots here.

We had a pie eating contest, and set off some firecrackers. And more than enough great food.
However, after we got home, I found out that my uncle's brother and family had been in a wreck right after they left. They left right after us, and traveled the same road we did. My uncle's brother and their 5 year old daughter were taken to the hospital by ambulance. The boys and the mom were ok. A guy ran a stop sign and broadsided them. So keep them in your prayers today, as they deal with all the technicalities of the wreck, plus try to recover. Even though mom and boys are fine, I'm sure they will be very very sore.

Ok, off to post pictures, and start being productive. :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Grand Finale

Happy 4th!

I probably wont' get on to much tomorrow- so let me take the time to wish you all an early Happy 4th of July. :) We just got back from the town fireworks. They were great! Rude people, but the show was great. :D I got some pretty cool pics. :) And I also will be posting a video of the grand finale. :) I hope you enjoy- and everyone have a safe and happy 4th of July!!!

Time with God

Today was our second week in the Romancing your Husband book.
Todays chapter addressed spending time with God. Absorbing Him-and Worshiping Him.
How guilty I am of not spending daily or even semi-daily time with Him. I am ashamed to say, that life all to often gets in the way.
So our homework this week is to at least three times a week find time to spend with our first love.

New Matthew Pics

I promise I have more children than just the baby. I guess I better post some new pics of them soon so you will believe me. :) lol

Monday, July 02, 2007

Very Confused?

Ok, help! I am trying to get my ducks in row so I can go to school. My goal is to start in the spring of 08. I know I can get into Kilgore College, I have been accepted before- however. I haven't the slightest where I need to start. I know I have to take the THEA, and the ACT or SAT.

The test date for the THEA that I'm shooting for is October, ACT in December.
But where do I start for financial aid? What classes do I take first? I know what degree I want.
Its just all so confusing for me. Whens the deadline to apply for financial aid for the spring?
ARGH! I guess I'll start by studying for the tests and then go from there. Any other advice is more than welcome.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Our Sunday

Happy Sunday Evening everyone. We rushed out the door to church this morning. We were running late, and rushed to deposit everyone to said Sunday School Rooms only to remember it was the first Sunday of the month and meant it was communion Sunday. So we got everyone settled in- and relaxed during first service. Met up with Grandma and Grandpa and got to hear Slade- Jaime's husband preach. It was strange to see a peer up there, but he did an awesome job and make me even more anxious for our trip when we'll get to hear Charles preach for the first time. :)

After church there was a newcomers BBQ with some yummy food. After that it was a quick trip home to make a grocery list then out the door. We ended up leaving said list in the van since it started pouring down rain on us on the way there. We were flustered trying to get all 4 kids out of the car without getting them completely soaked. I think we did a pretty good job remembering everything though. However, when I was loading the groceries onto the belt to pay, as it moved a can fell off the belt and right onto the top of my sandal wearing feet. OUCH!!!
Its bruised and very very sore. A tad swollen, but at least I can walk. And, at least it didn't hit my toe. But still- OUCH!

I have someone coming tomorrow to buy something I listed on cheapcycle, I'm using that money to get the paint for the girls' room. I am going to work more on Grace's bed tomorrow getting it painted and ready to put up once we get the room painted.
I have an idea how I want to paint our bedroom, but I'm just not sure it will look right- so I'm waiting to get my mom or someone over to give their opinion. :)

Anyway- that was our day in a nutshell- tomorrow I plan on painting the bathroom, working more on laundry and trying to get rid of more clutter. Carly and the boys are here tomorrow. Tuesday is the town fireworks, Wednesday is the 4th, Thursday Aaron works overtime, and Friday Carly and the boys are here again. :) Another busy week.