Sunday, June 24, 2007

Busy Busy Day

So I left early this morning , stopped by the Missionary Garage sale to pick up my purchases. :)
I got 4 books, 2 cd's (Mercy Me and Toby Mac), A pyrex 9x13 with lid, a pyrex casarole with two lids, two jewelery sets, a 40gig external hard drive for all my pictures, and two chairs for the school room. :) Yeah! They still have a table I want badly for the school room for sale, but I just don't have the $20. But its exactly what I'm looking for. Don't you hate that?

After I stopped by there I drove to a friends house, she wanted me to take pics of her daughter. So we drove to Maude Cobb and did pics. :) You can check some of them out here. I took 92 pictures and about 50 of them came out awesome! I had a blast too- the little one is just precious!

I came home, started the editing process, then went out and grabbed lunch, which was a pain in the rear. Came home, ate lunch, did some more editing. At 5 some friends of ours dropped their kids off here, so they could go on a date, and I had to run to the store and blockbuster. Got back, cooked supper and watched 6 kids. Finished editing today's pics.
Kids got picked up about 10, and I sat and tried to organize all my pictures onto my new external hard drive.

Sadie went to bed with one of her headaches, and I actually have a migraine myself, so I think we're going to stay home from church tomorrow- which I hate to do, but I have got to have a home day. If I go back into my week without any family downtime, it just starts the week on a bad note. And next Sunday will be really busy as we have a social after church, and we're going to try and make it to a bluegrass festival in the evening.

I actually have no plans on Monday- except to maybe finish moving around furniture and getting some organization done. Tuesday however, Connor is going over to Jaime's to have some time away from his sisters. :) And Nicole is coming over so we can start a new book together.
Its one I got at the garage sale called Romancing your husband. We're actually going to read and discuss it together. Every tuesday. :) I'm looking forward to it.
Wednesday Sadie goes to VBS, Thursday and Friday are good ole boring days. We're going to try and re-do our garage sale next Saturday if its not raining.
Before we know it we will be packing up to drive to Rotan! WOOT! I'm so excited. Just about a month to go. :D I can't wait to see the look on Sadie's face when we tell her.