Friday, June 01, 2007

Why Is it?

Why is it that bed-time is always a battle? I'm amazed that I have trouble sleeping at night- after one thousand, two hundred and fifty three "one more sips", twenty-five "I forgot to go to the bathroom" , three hundred "mommy!!!!!!", and fourty three "I think I might need some medicine" The kids finally go to sleep. Quiet. I'm exhausted.

Of course, I'm sitting here right now, and Connor is still awake. Its ten o'clock! But in his defense, he was sick this morning, and slept until about 1pm. So he's probably not really tired.

Please tell me that my kids aren't the only ones that do this though- bedtime wears me out!


Jaime said...

Randall is bad about making excuses as to why he can't sleep.

In Ft. Worth this week, I watched Super Nanny for the first time and one of the issues she tackled was bed time. Her advice: The first time you're called in, say something like "No drink/medicine/stuffed animal, etc. It's bedtime. I love you. Good night." The next time, "It's bedtime. I love you. Good night." The third time, "It's bedtime." After that, don't go in again. If the kid is getting out of bed, follow the same advice (talking and reasoning less and less) and after the third time, just pick them up and re-deposit them in bed.

Tough love, huh? I'm thinking we might have to try it. It might be a rough few nights (of course, it's already tough...), but it'll be boring enough, that I"m hoping he'll catch on quickly.

I thought it was good advice to keep it simple and not give in to their requests. Except for the extra hugs and kisses requests. :-) Unless that gets out of hand, too... :-)