Monday, June 11, 2007

Eye Update

So we made it to the pediatric obstetricion (lol joke from my dad) -opthomologist. It was a long morning. We filled out papers, waited, went back with the nurse, went over more paperwork, dialated Matthew's eyes , went back to the waiting room and...waited. The Dr finally called us back and dad got an ego boost. (neither the Dr or his asst could believe that Dad was my Dad, and Matthew's grandpa lol) So here's the meat

*He is slightly farsighted, which is ok at this age
* It looks like his left pupil is dialted more than the right- which happens a lot with neck injuries during birth-forceps etc. It could be from his malpositioning.
*His left eye does turn out some. Which for a baby this age could be normal- or could be something more significant.

The plan is this- Sadie has an eye appt with this Dr next week. He wants me to bring Matthew so he can see his eyes non-dialated. Also he wants me to bring some pictures of him so he can compare them that way. Then he goes back in December- if his eye still turns out we'll start discussing surgery.


Jaime said...

Well, that's good news and yet still a little scary in the uncertain... I'll be praying for him (and you) and that it will all be no big deal and he'll outgrow everything with time.