Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So Much to Do...

I have been so busy since Friday. And this week is a super busy week too and I'm not even going anywhere. :)

Monday I watched my siblings, and Connor went to Jaime's for a playdate- Tuesday I had a friend over for Bible Study and lunch, and she ended up staying until Aaron got home. Today I have my siblings again, and Sadie is at VBS, tomorrow my mother in law is coming and Friday we have some friends coming over. *whew* So busy. Its good because it helps me pass the time, and not go stir crazy sitting at home all the time.

Matthew is three months old today!! Can you believe it? Time is flying. Just a little over a month and we'll be in Rotan. :) I can't wait. We are leaving the first Friday in August and driving back the first won't nearly be long enough, but its all we can take for right now. And I'll take what I can get. :) I can't wait to tell Sadie- she's going to be over the top excited! Lisa told K yesterday and they will get to making the video soon. I'll be sure to post reaction photos when we do tell her. :)