Friday, June 29, 2007

Its Friday!

Good Friday morning! I am so ready for the weekend although I know it will be a busy one.
Tonight we are having friends over for dinner, tomorrow we are cleaning out the garage and doing some yard work, Sunday after church is a social and then after that we have to go grocery shopping. If we have the gas $ Sunday night we're going to a bluegrass concert. Then it will be back into the work week. *whew* But its a broken up work week, two days on, one day off, two days on.

I got two new photography magazines in the mail last week, and in one of them is a step by step artical on how to shoot fireworks. So I am VERY anxious to try that out to say the least. I think we're even going to go to the city display on the 3rd. Its supposed to be the biggest one they've ever done.

Took some new snapshots of Matthew last night, plus a video that I think it extremely cute. :) It might be totally boring though. LOL I'm hoping to get those uploaded at some point in the day.

My goals for the day are to finish conquering Mount Washmore- (aka laundry)
Clean my kitchen and bedroom.
Set the class room up with our small tv and dvd player for the kiddos to use tonight while the adults are visiting.

Oh, I had an Eddie Bauer backpack carrier that we had bought thinking we would use it a lot, but I just don't see us using it at all. With Aaron's shoulder and my back, we're more stroller people. Anywho, I listed it in Bargains Galore and had a call before 8am on it, and the guy sounded very excited about it- apparently his brother has been looking for one for a while and is leaving for disney world tomorrow :) So hopefully they will follow through, and thats more clutter flung from my house. I've been posting things on Ebay/Cheapcycle/Bargains galore like crazy. Things that I was saving for "one day" are going...going...GONE! I'm tired of the clutter.
FlyLady would be proud *grin*

I was reading our Charm magazine (a local womens mag put out by the newspaper) and noticed a couple people I know in there *grin* but also they are having a Girls Night out in July, and will be doing a makeover. You can nominate yourself or someone you know. I've wanted a makeover for a LONG time. I dress for comfort, and when I'm shopping I see so many cute things, but I have no idea how to put them all together. Plus with the kids, I rarely wear makeup and my hair is usually in a ponytail or bun. Aaron told me the other day that while he thinks I'm attractive no matter what- he misses the days when I would meet him at the door all dressed up with hair and makeup done. So anywho, I nominated myself. lol If you want to nominate yourself or someone else (hint: me lol- just kidding) Visit
And click on the makeover button. Its just a simple form but you do have to submit a photo of the person you are nominating.

So now I'm going to go forth and be productive. Have a great Friday- look for pics and video later!

PS: I lost two pounds this week. :) Yeah! I'm sure its all the painting/reorganizing. but I'm so hoping I keep it up. Mom and dad also joined spark people so hopefully we'll be able to support each other.