Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meeting arranged by God

In the process of converting our back room into a school room, we've had to downsize some furniture. I recently started a cheapcycle group (like freecycle only money is involved) We sold our extra couch, and I had listed our big chair and footstool. It was just to big to fit into the small front room, and just so bulky. Well as God would have it- the person who was interested in the chair was a mom who had homeschooled for 16 years. She had boxes (and I mean boxes!) of first readers, workbooks etc. She also had a Saxon 1st grade math book and a language arts curriculum. When her and her daughter came to look at the chair, she left the boxes of books for me to sort through. I picked out what I wanted/needed and the total came to $36. Now granted, I got a lot for that, but that is still a lot of money to us.

Now let me back up by saying, I have been praying about the homeschooling for a while- and have a peace, however I was concerned with the cost and how we would afford materials. I decided to give it to God, and knew he would just provide in his time.

Back to the present, I lay in bed that night, thinking about the books, and prayed about it. I had other things listed on cheapcycle, and in the paper to sell. The next day I emailed the lady, told her what my total was, and asked if I could split the cost into two payments. She emailed back and said her daughter had decided she wanted the chair (she is setting up an apartment with a room mate- going to college) and said we would work something out with the books when she got here. They showed up, and she had a HUGE bag full of more books, these were more textbook type books, art books, science, bible readers. Blank spiral notebooks and index cards. She said she knew I'd need the supplies at some point, and just wanted to give them to me. And then asked if it was ok that we did an even trade chair for books. :) It really is awesome, and we got the better end of the deal. We were only asking $25 for the chair, as it was showing some wear and tear. But her daughter and friend were so thrilled to be getting it, they loved it so much. And we are equally thrilled about the books. It gives us such a good start on books, and strengthens my resolve that we are doing the right thing by keeping the kids home.

Thank you GOD! :)