Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Sweet Lil'Lady/VBS Week 2

I forgot to update on Sadie's eye appt the other day. I had called and made the appt back in January because she was getting bad headaches after school. Anyway, her eyes are perfect- 20/20 vision. He feels that she has either chronic sinusitis (sp?) or migraines. Both Aaron and I get migraines, and he told me that if one parent gets them then 50% of their children will too. However if both parents get them then 75% of their children will get them. :(So he is writting a letter to Dr C to recommend either a CT scan or MRI to check her sinuses, and for "anything bad" as he put it. I'll be taking her and Connor for their yearly check ups after we get back from Rotan.

Today was her second day of VBS (they do it once a week) She really seems to be enjoying it. Jaime says it takes her a while to warm up, but I'm sure once she gets to know some of the other girls she'll be just as social as they are. :)

She's such a sweet child if I do say so myself. We were looking through pictures about a month ago, and she saw some of me with long hair and was asking about my haircut- I explained about locks of love- what it is and what they do- she immidiately asked if she could do that too. So she is growing her hair out for locks of love. :) She has such a generous and giving heart. I would like her to grow it out a few more inches so that it can be cut to about her shoulders. I'll be sure to post before and afters when she has it done. :)


lisa dawn said...

Wow her hair is long! Did she join some sort of gang?