Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I feel...

As if I could just fall back asleep. I have toothpicks here holding my eyelids open. *yawn*
Caroline ended up staying the night last night- so we plan on doing some more home organization today. We did a lot yesterday- got the entertainment center moved, couch moved, book case moved, everything dusted, and vacuumed. Today we want to clean out the kitchen cabinets and reorganize them, and catch up on laundry. :)
Right now I want to climb back in bed.

As I sat last night and watch television, I was happy that we moved the living room into our front room. Its smaller, yes, but its so cozy. Carly and I curled up on the couch with throws and hot cocoa and watched Supernanny. ;) It was really quite comfortable.

I am trying to decide on curriculum for this fall. I don't know if I mentioned we've decided to homeschool the kids for at least this fall. We have several reasons- one we've decided to stay here in this house for the time being. And since I was so sick at the end of my pregnancy I was unable to get the transfer application to put them back into the school they were in last year. We will not put them in our district elementary school. So home it is.
Two- Them being in public school was a strain-financially, emotionally, and a strain on our calendar. It was one thing after another fund raisers, field trips etc. And where we just have the van, and they aren't bus riders- having to make sure someone else would be able to pick them up from school- it was a hassle.

So curriculum- I know that I want to use Saxon math. Its expensive, but I am familiar with it and feel most comfortable teaching it. I have an idea for Social Studies that doesn't use a formal curriculum, but I think it will be good. So I have to pick a language arts study, science, and I think we will wing handwriting. I can probably print some stuff off the Internet for them.

I plan on joining a homeschool group- I really want to network with some other homeschooling moms- especially some long time homeschooling moms. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions.
We're going to allow the girls to dance, and are looking for a sport or something for Connor to be involved in. I'm excited, yet scared at the same time about undertaking all this.

I think one of my biggest challenges will be juggling house and homeschooling, dinner and all that stuff. That is one of my goals for the summer is to get into a good routine as far as housework goes, so that it will be easier in the fall. So if anyone out there in blogland has hints for getting started be sure to leave me a comment. :)